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Has the fat lady sung?

If ‘The View’ was one of your favorite daytime chat shows, you’ll want to read this! Rosie O’Donnell announced today that she will be leaving the show by mid-June. Apparently ABC, (the network The View airs on), wanted Rosie O’Donnell to sign a three year contract however Rosie O’Donnell only wanted a one year contract. It doesn’t surprise me that ABC wanted the star to sign a three year contract because ratings sky rocketed after Rosie O’Donnell replaced Star Jones on the show.

Why did Rosie only want a one year contract? Isn’t three years better for her? Let’s face it…The View was probably on borrowed time if Rosie O’Donnell hadn’t come on board. She’s boosted ratings significantly and probably wasn’t getting a big enough raise for her contract renewal, (and didn’t want to lock it in for three years). If she were to only sign for one year…she could ask for another raise in a year.

Rosie O'Donnell on The View

Rosie O’Donnell has been involved in a number of controversies in and out of her show due to her loud and brash tongue. In her marathon to hurt people’s sensibilities, Rosie has had an on-going name calling feud with Donald Trump whom she called a “snake-oil salesman”. Trump has retaliated by calling Rosie, “fat”, “unattractive”, “slob”. In fact, at the recent Women in Communications awards luncheon, O’Donnell was particularly crass with her language and reportedly touched her crotch and told Donald Trump to ‘eat her’. The Donald was overjoyed hearing that Rosie was leaving the show and said, “Rosie O Donnell is a loser and will continue to be one. She was fired from the show and I think I had a part in it”.

Why are Rosie O’Donnell and Donald Trump’s feuding? PUBLICITY! You’ve probably heard of the old adage about ‘any publicity is good publicity’ and that is what I think this whole hoo-ha is all about. It may have started as a difference of opinion but blown up to mammoth proportions to boost ratings for The View and Trump’s show, ‘The Apprentice’.

By the way, if Trump really is a ’snake-oil salesman’…where can I sign up! I’d be one if it made me that much money!

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