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Stranded - YouTube Comedy of the Year 2006

This short was rated YouTube’s 2006 Best Comedy Award Winner. Check it out:

I think writing a diary would be the last thing on my mind if I ended up on a deserted island however Tom Hanks did it in Cast Away (2000) so you never know. You may also remember watching the movie Alive back from 1993, where a plane crashed in the Andes mountains and the passengers ate each other to stay ‘alive’. Is this purely hollywood sensationalism that is made for movies only? Noooo!

Without getting into to many details:
-there have been documented cases of ritual cannibalism and cannibalism due to extreme famine
-new research points to the fact that our early ancestors were cannibals; scientists suggest that today some people still carry a gene that evolved as protection against brain diseases that can be spread by consuming human flesh
-and if you wiki the topic, you’ll get more information on the topic than you ever wanted

For those of you who were considering starting a moral debate over cannibalism at work….don’t! You may find your boss sending you for a psychiatric evaluation before you can say ‘dingo ate my baby’!

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