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Jessica Lynch Sets the Record Straight

Jessica Lynch, the most publicized prisoner of war from Iraq, recently gave her version of capture in Iraq. And surprise, surprise, Jessica Lynch’s version of the story is very different than what the US Government lead the general public to believe. The US Government seems to have played big role in hyping the event. Jessica Lynch has openly said that the reports about her were false and were blown to Rambo like proportions.

Jessica Lynch Receiving Medal

For example:

1. Though the Government has awarded her with a Purple Heart and other medals, Jessica says that she didn’t even get to fire her weapon ‘cos it was jammed.

2. As per Jessica, they were taken prisoner because their Humvee banged into another truck in front of them and not because “they were ambushed in war”

3. Though Jessica did sustain injuries, broken arm, six inch gash on her forehead, she had not been shot at as per the US Government reports.

4. Jessica was rescued by Special Operations team, but as per her story, the Iraqi nurses had tried to return her to the American soldiers much before the rescue, making her a truly ‘unique POW’.

You can’t help but wonder why the United States Government is intent on giving false information to American citizens. In fact, secrets and cover-ups deeply entrenched in US history – like the deaths of popular President, John F Kennedy, film star Marilyn Monroe just to name a two. Can the Jessica Lynch folly be a lie perpetrated by the Bush regime to muster support for a war not supported by the majority of the country?

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