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SEX 101 - 10 Things You Should Know

Sex, people say, is the best thing that happened to mankind. Whether it is good sex or bad sex, it is better than no sex. Here are 10 things you should know about sex.

1. How about a quickie?
Who says that a lovemaking session can go on for an hour or more? The typical lovemaking session lasts around 15 minutes. And around 70% of that is foreplay.

2. Like they do it on AnimalPlanet.
Humans aren’t the only species that have sex for fun. Dolphins and the bonobo, (a type of chimpanzee), do it too.

3. Do they make a pill for that?
Erectile dysfunction has become a household phrase thanks to Viagra however it only affects 10-12% of the population while premature ejaculation affects 24-27%! They should make a pill for that!

4. Turn up the heat.
Having sex in a hot room may make orgasms more intense! The Degree of vasocongestion aka “sex flush”, (reddening or darkening of the skin), is an indication of how intense an orgasm may be is more common in warmer temperatures.

5. It’s no accident.
Trying to have a baby? If a woman experiences an orgasm, she is more likely to get pregnant, (since the spasms in her pelvic muscles help move sperm up to the uterus). So guys if you don’t want your girlfriend getting pregnant…make sure she never has an orgasm. However that may also result in you never getting sex again.

6. A gay ol’time at the zoo.
Homosexuality is not unique to humans. Birds do it. So do beetles, sheep, bats, orangutans, and dolphins. I guess that would make the dolphin the only other species that has homosexual sex for fun.

7. What do you have planned today?
1 in 17 people will have sex today…that’s a total of 400,000,000 people around the world. I know I should have bought shares in Trojan Condoms while their Magnum was still mini.

8. Ahh…sweet releif!
Leave aspirin on the night stand next time you have a headache and have sex instead. Sexual intercourse releases endorphins into your bloodstream giving us pleasure and pain relief.

9. Your grandparents probably still have sex…
Not a pleasant thought…but it’s true! 73% of males are still potent at age 70 and 30% of women at age 80+ still have sex. More men than women? Is that why you see ex-stripper, Playboy playmate, diet pill spokes model women married to oil tycoons?

10. Mr. Big
70% of women would rather eat chocolate than have sex. And is it any wonder? Maybe it’s because you won’t get arrested if you have chocolate in public.

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  1. preckie Says:

    that was pretty nice to know, made me laugh too! haha

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