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Gun Trade in Pakistan

Here’s a documentarial view that you may not have seen before. Main stream TV shows that the war in Afghanistan is over however film maker Suroosh Alvi tells a different story. BTW - Is ‘documentarial’ a word?

The cameras go deep into the northwest frontier province of Pakistan under protection of their own private militia to see the largest illegal arms market in the world. Where is the second largest illegal arms market in the world? Coincidentally in Pakistan as well!

In Pakistan, you can buy:-9mm handgun for $50
-Italian Rifle for $150
-Russian Kalakov for $180
-American Muzzelite for $250

Is it just me, or does pricing seem too economical for anyone’s good? For example, a 30 GB Apple iPod sells for $249 or less. If there were as many American Muzzelites in ciculation as iPods, there would be 100 million in curculation as of April 2007! Don’t even get me started on iPod Nanos!

Do coillitian troops really have a chance against people who live in caves, have no tounges, and build guns with their bare hands? If you have a few minutes to spare, check out this video and pass on the link to others in hopes increasing awareness of the true story!

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