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Women Can’t Golf…

…or can they?

I used to think golf was a game for men who couldn’t play a real sport like baseball, football, or hockey. Then I started playing it. Golf has never been as popular with it being embraced by all ages, men and women alike. It’s a tough sport!

Checkout this video of LPGA, (Ladies Professional Golf Association), Ranked Natalie Gulbis who makes an incredible shot. Don’t care about golf? Take a look at the video anyway….Natalie Gulbis is HOT!

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5 Responses to “Women Can’t Golf…”

  1. Richard Says:

    You are right about Gulbis being a total babe & all, but she’s hasn’t one on the LPGA tour, so you really can’t say she’s a champion as of yet. But who cares, she’s definatey a thrill to look at.

  2. Golfer Says:

    Nice shot!

  3. bombsaway Says:

    She’s cute, it doesn’t matter if she hasn’t won a tourny, with her spunk she’ll eventually win one someday.

  4. TooSano Says:

    Girls rule, men drool.

  5. Johnny B Says:

    That is a good shot, but Gulbis is NOT HOT.

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