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Website Down. Website Up. Website Down.

And hopefully website up now for a long while.

Being the ‘economical’ person I am, I had opted to have a buddy host my blog. And since the only other thing he was hosting on the server was his grandmother’s ‘Dancing Jesus’ website, he wasn’t to concerned with security. And what happened? Some ‘unfearing hacker’, (those are granny’s words), took advantage of the lack of security updates. Now I’ve decided to fork out some cash and get the site hosted since we have some semi-regular readers now. And since I’ve done the homework, I thought I’d fill you in on what I looked for in a host, (and since I’m not as geeky as I’d like to be…it’s all in layman’s terms):

1. Reliability - If you have a site, make sure it stays up!

2. Speed - Faster is better; most people don’t stick arround to watch a page load. Have you noticed my page loading faster? :)

3. Security - Uh…duh. Especially if you are hosting databases etc.

4. Customer Service - If you can’t talk to a live person before you set up your account, you probably won’t be able to speak to them after you have setup an account

Now I would love to elaborate on the above…but I’m really bored of talking about hosting after two days of being hostless. So I’d rather just show you a funny picture:

computer hacker bully

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