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Fight Traffic Tickets…How to Increase Chance of Winning

Got a speeding ticket? The first thing you should always do is NOT PLEAD GUILTY, (even if you are guilty as hell), and ask for a court date. You can usually do this in person at the court house or via phone, mail, internet (just check the back of your ticket for information on how to dispute a ticket). Since most of our readership is not located in France, we are not under Napoleonic law so we are innocent until proven guilty.

Once you get your court date, delay the proceedings by getting as many continuances as you can. Continuances are fairly easy to get and valid reasons include - you are going to be out to town, have an urgent doctors appointment that cannot be rescheduled, you are sick, you cannot get the day off work etc. Be creative and use other excuses if you like, (be sure to leave them in my comments). The more continuances you get, the better chance you have of getting your fine dismissed, (because as time passes, the greater chance that the officer who ticketed you won’t be at the hearing).

So don’t just pay your traffic tickets…dispute and get continuances instead!

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