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All Brits are Weird…

Okay, not all Brits are weird…but this family is completely bonkers! Can you imagine breast feeding your children till they are five and eight?!? I have fond memories trading lunches with my classmates in grade school. Who would ever want to trade their sandwich for little Suzie’s lunch!

Can you say emotionally scaring? There should be a law…shouldn’t there?

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27 Responses to “All Brits are Weird…”

  1. *pink*Poodle* Says:

    Great to see, wish more parents did the best for their children and breastfed the child until the child weaned themselves.

  2. trent Says:

    awwww so sweet :)

  3. Louisa Says:

    I nursed one of my children until she was four. She hasn’t been emotionally scared by the experience. It was her attachment that led us to continue for so long. Child led weaning is much more gentle, gradual, and natural than the alternative of going cold turkey once an arbitrary deadline has passed.

    Many people don’t realize that a toddler or preschooler will nurse less frequently and for a shorter duration than a young baby. They don’t need it as much for sustenance, but they still enjoy the closeness with mother and the comfort it provides. Most children allowed to self-wean do so between the ages of two and seven.

    Brava! to the mom in this video!

  4. Kaschelle Says:

    Beautiful video :) Not to mention its nice to see a main stream family getting some recognition for EN.

  5. de Says:

    This is sick!! Just horribly sick!! Children should not be “allowed” to make decisions, they are children for Christ’s sake. Step up be a parent and tell them enough!

    This should be illegal.

    Brainwashing your children is disgusting!!

  6. debs Says:

    Of course children should be allowed to make decisions - it’s an important part of their development!

    I don’t see any evidence of brainwashing either in this video.

    Incidentally, why is it called “extended breastfeeding” after 1 year when normal breastfeeding goes on for at least 2 years?

  7. shan Says:

    hmm i definatley will not be breast feeding my children at the age of 4 or 5 or 6 or 7…seems abit wrong to me that children of these ages should need to to do that with their mother, there are other ways and means of affection between mother and child

  8. breastfeeding mom Says:

    brainwashing? that’s harsh!

    I think it’s wonderfut that this mother cares enough to breastfeed her children. If only all children were as lucky as hers!

  9. BB Says:

    Who’s to say what is Normal for one person isnt for another. Bravo to Mum for putting her chidlren first, they seem like a strong family. Family values seem to be going out the window tis world needs more families like this. It may seem strange or wrong but its not you its called breastfeeding, and its nothing sexual. Its a mother and her child bonding, and a mother playing an active role on what her family has decided to raise them safely and securely.

  10. BB Says:

    Who’s to say what is Normal for one person isnt for another. Bravo to Mum for putting her chidlren first, they seem like a strong family. Family values seem to be going out the window, this world needs more families like this. It may seem strange or wrong, but its not youor your choice. There isnt anything sick or wrong about it, its called breastfeeding, and its nothing sexual. Its a mother and her child bonding, a mother playing an active role on what her family has decided to do too raise their children safely and securely.

  11. Miss F Says:

    That is absolutely disgusting! The kid is nearly as big as the mum! Poor child will be scared ofr life, imagine if her classmates found out

  12. Meg Says:

    People give me a break! Where I grew up you’d be beaten at school for this. These children are NOT infants.

    This is WRONG

  13. Meg Says:

    Does she let them wear nappies too if they please? LOL

  14. Meg Says:

    Scientist believe that breastfeeding can give higher IQs.

    Well, their musical intelligence isn’t too good.

  15. Tammy Says:

    I think anyone who finds breastfeeding a child at any point disgusting has serious issues/hang-ups, or has never breastfed themselves. I didnt think Id ever b/f and definetely not past a year until my son turned one and he still needed to be breastfed, nothing magically changes at any given date. He self weaned around 2 1/2.My son is bright and super well adjusted. My daughter is one now and she too will self wean.
    Alllowing a child to self wean installs a high sense of security stability and trust.
    I just think its a personal decision and unless you have done it then you cant really judge.

  16. Chase Says:

    Breastfeed “forever”. Yep, sounds like these kids are on the level.

  17. me Says:

    Yes, let’s just hand over all the control to the child. Let’s let them waddle around in poopy diapers until they are 10 and suck on our boobs, when they’re old enough to CHEW on the for Pete’s sake. I don’t care how you want to justify it, that is just SCREWED UP stuff. Anyone who does this is sick, and they’re teaching their kid to be a sick-o, too. A child does not “need” to be breast fed at 1, 2, or 8. Give me a flipping break. At that age, their stomach are ready for, and NEED, REGULAR food.

    Paint the picture any way you like to make yourself feel like you’re not acting like a sick freak. Fact is, it’s all about the mother and HER need to keep her child dependent. It’s F’d up, it’s disgusting, it’s ignorant, and it’s selfish. Get some help.

  18. Billy Says:

    WTF dude? Talk about inbreeds! That’s why the Brits teeth look like that! lmfao

  19. Mish Says:

    Hey “me”
    You can agree that it’s unusual for this family to share their experience, and it can weird YOU out, but how do you know what a 1 year old needs?

    You think the milk from some cow’s titty is necessary for you? Why some random cow and not your OWN MOTHER? Geez, you can tell you’re really educated as to child nutrition and psychology.

    May you never grow old and need Depends and Dentures… doubt your family will want to “nurture” you then. Meanie!

  20. Em Says:

    Oh Me - if kids ruled the world they wouldnt wear dipers, they are for the adults, most kids would run around rudie-nudie - ahh blessem ;)

  21. Erynn Says:

    I wouldn’t say it’s sick…but I would definitely say it’s weird. I mean, it would be sick if she was getting sexual gratification out of it, which I don’t think she is.

    But, honestly, there’s a point where you have to take control. You’re not nuturing them at this point…

    She’s making them dependent on her, I think.

  22. Raymond Says:

    I don’t see why people think this is wrong and disgusting. It’s just kids who feel comfort in knowing that their mom is there for them, and she’s there for them at any time. Breastfeeding for them is kind of like a security blanket to fall back on. And they DO eat regular food too. =\

  23. Flame Says:

    Good job for the mom…
    In my opinion, she’s making the right decision. If the child feels the comfort she seeks from breastfeeding, there shouldn’t be a problem about that. The mom probably worries that if she doesn’t give her the comfort of it, the child will grow away from them. Meaning that you can’t depend on your mom for certain things. The child seems perfectly fine and it definitely shouldn’t be illegal. It is a choice for the mother and their child/children to make.

    It’s not like that’s what they feed on…they have regular meals like every other person, but they just find comfort in doing this. If the family is okay with it, it should be okay since it doesn’t really rise any problems.
    I’m sure many other familys do some “weird” things as well, it’s all what a persons’ opinion is.

  24. Pierre Says:

    Ok well im british and i moved here to america when i was 8.And if ur gunna call me weird my mum stopped like brestfeeding me when i was like 1.So i really dont think im weird.

  25. Michelle Says:

    I nursed my daughter until she was 3 1/2… at that point, I was personally ready to stop, and I gently guided her into weaning. If I hadn’t moved things along, maybe she’d still be nursing, I don’t know. As it worked out, it was very loving, gentle, and I’m very pleased with the “natural” weaning… natural for me and for my little girl.

    Why are people so offended/threatened by this? I don’t understand it. The children are obviously loved, cherished, and well taken care of… so why the posts attacking the family? Guilt? Perversion? The “my-way-is-the-only-way” mindset?? *shrug* Make decisions for your own family, and don’t worry about what someone else is doing. MYOB. The same thing they taught you in kindergarten.

  26. Amy Says:

    I shouldn’t even bother, but I feel the need to respond to Me. It is obvious that you know absolutely nothing about babies, children, and parenting. Therefore, your uneducated opinions on important matters of child nutrition and family relationships should be kept to yourself so you don’t influence others in favor of your ignorance. Children do NEED to breastfeed at age 1 and 2, according to the World Health Organization. And 2 year olds chew and eat regular food too! My 13 month old daughter is nursing right now, as I type this. I intend to breastfeed her as long as it is desirable for both of us. I seriously doubt that will be until she is 8, or even 5, but we’ll see. There is no more perfect food for our young human children than human milk and I want my daughter to get as much of my milk as possible for her own well-being.

  27. haddie Says:

    We seem real keen on judging and pressurizing others. Go back 20 years and it was seen as strange to breast feed at all. It was considered that you should use a bottle. Now the bottle feeders are looked at sideways and made to feel uncomfortable. Same goes for spanking or clothes or any issue with child rearing. Whats considered the best in one decade is considered abuse in another decade.

    We should support all mothers and not be too quick to condemn them.

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