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PS3 vs Wii….or is it Big Girl vs Hot Girl

Okay…even though this commercial is hillarious, (and sexy), I cannot help to consider the social impact. Is Nintendo socially irresponsiable? I’m sure you don’t really care if you are the stereotypical male.

Watch on!

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7 Responses to “PS3 vs Wii….or is it Big Girl vs Hot Girl”

  1. Michelle Says:

    Before I comment you should know that I am a male and I am not gay or any other perceived demeaning stereotype that could explain my comment nor am I a religious person. I quite agree with you this is tragic to all women. What the hell is the point of having this stupidity on TV if we have all been fighting for gender equality. I find it extremely sexist and blatantly repugnant. Not all men would approve of this degradation, just morons would. As men of the future we need to be the example for decency not this outmoded Neanderthal thinking tripe. It should be pulled immediately.

  2. Jonathan Says:

    Well I think it actually hits it right on the head. PS3 vs Wii well there still arent any Wii’s in stores so which one do people really want?

  3. Rob Says:

    I am a 30 yr old man from Chicago and I hate all video games I could care less about ps3 or atari or whatever.

    I wish the bigger girl should wear tight tanktop and maybe a short shorts like the other one, or at least a nice black dress pants with some white stripes thats HOT then were talkin. And move your body and those big hips like the other skinny girl.

  4. Xeno Says:

    This commercial was neither produced nor purchased by Nintendo. Therefore, your question, “Is Nintendo socially irresponsiable [sic]” cannot be answered by watching this video. Your oversight is ridiculous. >:

    Naw, I’m only joshing you. Nice vid; keep it up.

  5. Bergter Says:

    This is merely a parody for the Mac vrs Computer commercials. No need to be so harsh on the comments. It’s only made for fun.

    And it was funny, so no complaining :)

  6. Mike Gravel Says:

    So you’re stereotyping men now?

    How sexist of you

    Denying the realities of the situation don’t change the facts. Skinny girls are just more fun, and they can actually grow old with you because they don’t die early from weight-related issues (often leaving children mother-less).

    Besides, who wants a smartass prude when you can get a laid-back girl who actually likes to have fun with you?

  7. Ox Says:

    This commercial was made for comical purpose, not serious…

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