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Free Paris!

A jubilant Paris Hilton walked to freedom after 23 days on early Tuesday morning. Waving to a crowd of 200 strong paparazzi Paris looked more than happy. She looked ecstatic. Though Paris has lost more than 10 pounds in prison her attitude and smiles more than covered any weight loss. The crowd went wild on seeing Paris walk to her parents’ SUV and get in after giving her Mom a great big hug. I do wonder about all the people waiting to see Paris leave. They must have nothing better to do than wait outside a county jail at 12.10am in the morning.

When asked for a quote Paris said, “I am great – thank you all for you support.”

Paris had changed into street clothes before getting out of the jail building. Her life altering sentence finally at an end, Paris must be relieved to be checking back into Casa de Hilton.

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