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Somebody actually had sex with Scary Spice…

…it was Eddie Murphy and now he’s refusing to take a paternity test.

I guess the answer is pretty obvious to all. Eddie probably knew that he was Angel’s father and didn’t want to ‘tarnish ‘ his image in the public eye. But his stand of not taking the test has somewhat sullied his image more so.

And now that he has been undoubtedly proven the father of Melanie B’s baby by a DNA test, he can’t weasel out of it.
Murphy dumped Mel B when she was four months pregnant by heartlessly telling a Dutch television interviewer that it was presumptuous to assume the baby was his. Moreover, he was with Tracey Edmonds at the same time and Mel got to know she was dumped from friends who saw the interview.

eddie murphy and mel b aka scary spice baby

Of course like Mel knew, women always know who their child’s father is; she was in no doubt whatsoever. But even then Eddie was forced to take the test by his girlfriend who went on to say that “If Scary is having Murphy’s baby as determined by paternity test that he’ll take responsibility.”

I never thought Eddie would have to hide behind a woman’s skirt to admit responsibility! But there you are.
Eddie has reportedly not even seen his daughter. Not that Mel needs the money, but she had to take this step to pay Eddie back for the public humiliation he put her through. In all this, I feel sorry for the child who is going to know this entire messy affair about her.

The ironic twist to the whole matter is Angel Iris Murphy Brown was born to Brown, 32, on April 3 which incidentally is Murphy’s birthday too.

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