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Swear Words

Is it just me or are ’swears’ easier to learn than any other words in the English language. Think about it:
-if you come across a toddler who just knows a few dozen words, I bet one of them is a profanity
-an immigrant may not know how to string a proper sentence together, but he’ll sure as hell know how to curse you out!

What exactly is a profanity? A profanity is a word that has an original meaning, (which may change across time and language), which in itself may give some cause for offence. Additionally, many profanities will have applied meanings of their own, usually associated to their context and which therefore may vary significantly depending upon the intended purpose of the word in the sentence.

For example; fcuk, a profanity in English, has come to be a verb for the sexual act and may be used literally in this sense - “I fcuked that bitch”, but also in the context of an exclamation, “Fcuk, he’s clever!”, as part of a derogatory remark - “Fcuk off!”, to refer to acts of violence - “I’ll fcuk you up!” or to simply add weight to a sentence - “This is fcuking interesting!”.

Now having said that, every action has an equal and opposite reaction…enter the ’swear jar’. Checkout the video.

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