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Nicole Ritchie - Unsexy to the Limit

I must say Nicole Richie reminds me of the children from Ethiopia who have reed thin bodies and swollen tummies. Their distended tummies are due to the extreme hunger they face….what is Nicole’s excuse? To top it off, the glamour girl who keeps company with showbiz hot bodies and is a television actress, has an ultimate death wish in fashion.

Whatever Nicole is trying to prove, it definitely isn’t working for her image. There is absolutely nothing a guy would go for in Nicole based on looks….unless it’s mind ‘blowing’ sex…..which also I highly doubt. I mean almost no hair, grayish pallor to skin, zero curves, pre-teen breasts. Girl, you need to get your life and body back on track.

Nicole Ritchie with Lindsay Lohan looking VERY skinny

And for all of you who think I’m being a very mean person, talking negativly about someone’s physical short comings and that maybe she has a ‘good personality’. Wrong! Nicole Ritchie is surprisingly cold hearted considering she looks like a baby dinosaur. Her adopted mama is in hospital due to a hysterectomy but Nicole Ritchie has no time to visit her. What is it about these tarts and their mothers? First Britney and now Nicole……makes me wonder about their psyche complexes. As I read somewhere….Hollywood is filled with retards!!

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One Response to “Nicole Ritchie - Unsexy to the Limit”

  1. luis Says:

    nicole richie is lovely; she looks great as it is.

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