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Poor Misunderstood Lindsay Lohan

Following in the footsteps of her ‘guru’ Paris Hilton, Lindsay Lohan has been arrested for DUI, (driving under the influence). However Miss Lohan has outdone Miss Hilton and also added possession of cocaine to the list of charges! Lindsay Lohan was driving in Beverly Hills early Saturday Morning, (May 26, 2007), with two others in her Benz when she lost control of the car and struck the curb & a few trees.

Lindsay Lohan DUI and cocaine charges

After the crash, being the responsible citizen she is, Lindsay remained on the scene until authorities arrived. While no one else was hurt, the irony is that Lindsay Lohan suffering minor injuries to her large breasts in the irresponsible incident, (for those who weren’t aware, it has been reported that she has implants).

Lindsay’s arrest brought her acting career and personal life to a new low. This latest incident makes Lindsay Lohan the black sheep of Hollywood actresses, (if she was not already). Reportedly, insiders say no one will be willing to get Lindsay insured to work on a film as she’s too much of a risk. And to totally rain on her parade, Svedka Vodka - who were going to sponsor a big chunk of her birthday celebrations have pulled out their support. It is anybody‚Äôs guess whether her bash will happen at all, (her DOB is July 2, 1986).

As you may already know, I normally don’t have any sympathy for the Hollywood types, but seriously get your sh!t together! IT would probably have been easier to drive blindfolded than it is to be drunk and high on cocaine!

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