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I want to work for Google…

I want to work for Google. Why you ask? Seems to mee that working for Google pays you in more than just money. Google is a $150 billion company, (that is NINE zeros), and was setup by two Stanford PhD students. Google became one of the biggest internet success stories in just four years. The VP of Google confesses ‘there are a lot of geeks in Google and it is a wonderful place for geeks to interact with each other’.

Still not convinced? Read the ‘Geek benefits’ below then watch the video clip from the Oprah Winfrey show:
1. 11 different cuisine cafeterias serving gourmet food
2. state of the art gymnasium
3. lap pool
4. facilities for various other games
5. foreign language classes
6. massage parlor
7. hair salon
8. taking your dog to work
9. laundry & dry cleaning facilities
10. concierge service
11. doctor check-up
12. day care
13. dental clean-up
14. competitive salaries
15. company stock purchase options

Definitely sounds like they are giving out their resume for perks they offer to candidates. Google receives an amazing number of 1300 resumes each day. As a service provider, Google believes in instant gratification, (kinda like your date putting out on the first date).

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