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Why you should not use cell phone while at a gas station…

EVERYONE is complaining about gas prices these days. There might be a time when you are filling up your car’s gas tank and think ‘I’m going to call so-n-so and vent about the price gouging’…DON’T DO IT! This is why you should never talk on the phone while you are at the pumps:

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One Response to “Why you should not use cell phone while at a gas station…”

  1. M.Jones Says:

    To be perfectly honest, I am not worried about this at all. Cell phones emit EXTREMELY low amounts of radiation, foil crumpled up like that amplifies the signal (well this is not exactly true, but functionally it does) by bouncing the signals back and forth between the numerous surfaces created by the crumple, also did you notice how close the phone had to be to the ball of foil? (Watch a crumpled piece of foil in the microwave, it is pretty awesome.) Mythbusters actually took on this issue as well and did a pretty good job of debunking the possibility of cell phones creating a fire. What WILL cause a fire (other than bring a crumpled ball of fire and trying to use your phone right next to it and your gas tank…) and is most often the actual cause of fires that have been attributed to cell phones, is static build up from getting out of the car and discharging near the gas. So yeah, just a few thoughts on this. :)

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