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Gun Trade in Pakistan

Tuesday, April 24th, 2007

Here’s a documentarial view that you may not have seen before. Main stream TV shows that the war in Afghanistan is over however film maker Suroosh Alvi tells a different story. BTW - Is ‘documentarial’ a word?

The cameras go deep into the northwest frontier province of Pakistan under protection of their own private militia to see the largest illegal arms market in the world. Where is the second largest illegal arms market in the world? Coincidentally in Pakistan as well!

In Pakistan, you can buy:-9mm handgun for $50
-Italian Rifle for $150
-Russian Kalakov for $180
-American Muzzelite for $250

Is it just me, or does pricing seem too economical for anyone’s good? For example, a 30 GB Apple iPod sells for $249 or less. If there were as many American Muzzelites in ciculation as iPods, there would be 100 million in curculation as of April 2007! Don’t even get me started on iPod Nanos!

Do coillitian troops really have a chance against people who live in caves, have no tounges, and build guns with their bare hands? If you have a few minutes to spare, check out this video and pass on the link to others in hopes increasing awareness of the true story!

Texting Championships?

Monday, April 23rd, 2007

I spent some time in Asia a few years ago. It amazed me how everyone sent ‘texts’ back and forth instead of picking up the phone. My friends/collegues/acquantences told me that they’d ‘text me’ about any given subject. I quickly realized that this was because outgoing text messages are free in certain markets.

What supprised me recently was that cell phone, (and other electronic), manufacture sponsored a texting contest, (LG National Texting Championship)! And who was the winner? 13 year old Morgan Pozgar of Claysburg, PA. She texted “Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious” from the movie Mary Poppins in just 15 seconds to win $10,000. I can barely type it that fast on my PC’s QWERTY keybord.

Morgan Pozgar winner of LG National Texting Championship

Morgan says that she sends more than 4,000 text messages a month. Since texting is usually not free in North America, her next set of 4, 000 text messages are going to be sent to her mom & dad saying that “I will not run up a $10,000 cell phone bill gain”.

Women Can’t Golf…

Monday, April 23rd, 2007

…or can they?

I used to think golf was a game for men who couldn’t play a real sport like baseball, football, or hockey. Then I started playing it. Golf has never been as popular with it being embraced by all ages, men and women alike. It’s a tough sport!

Checkout this video of LPGA, (Ladies Professional Golf Association), Ranked Natalie Gulbis who makes an incredible shot. Don’t care about golf? Take a look at the video anyway….Natalie Gulbis is HOT!

Stefani - Apprentice Season 6 Winner

Sunday, April 22nd, 2007

Stefani, 32 year old, California based lawyer is the official winner of Apprentice Season 6. James apparently lost because he ‘made some comments’ that Donald Trump didn’t like.

Anybody have an idea of what these were? If you do, leave me a comment and fill me in!

Stefani winner of Apprentice 6

Stefani was born in Burbank, California and raised in Palm Springs. She had a double major in college - English and psychology - and graduated from the University of California, Riverside. Stefani graduated in the top 10% of her class from Southwestern University School of Law in their prestigious SCALE program, the only two-year Juris Doctor program in the United States accredited by the American Bar Association.

Selected as a Los Angeles Magazine ‘Young Rising Star’ in 2006 for excellence in law, Stefani was a trial attorney for one of the largest California defense firms before being chosen the next Apprentice. She used to defend California employers against worker’s compensation, subrogation and discrimination claims, and defend large real estate developers in construction defect litigation.

I guess she will be defending Donald Trump now!

Click here for Stefani’s Apprentice video.

Accidental Porn…Or is it?

Friday, April 20th, 2007

Is my mind just in the gutter or is this stuff really dirty?!? Gotta love accidental advertising porn. But is it an accident or intentional? Subliminal manipulation excites a passionate reaction and since sex is still somewhat of a taboo subject…it excites all the more.

The moral of my story at the end of this post.

betty jo morecock realtor sign

You’d like what? Only if you give me a deal on the house!

bj lessons sign

Maybe this is where Betty Jo got her realtors license.

dick house for sale

Dick is Betty Joe’s husband. Are you surprised?

If you were to look at their client lists, I would bet that Ms. Morecock’s male to female client ratio and Dick’s female to male ratio would be little higher than usual. Please bear in mind that these realtors were most likely not intending to sexually attract clients, but most likely are by accident. Why do you think poshy restaurants only hire hot chicks? Have you ever went back to the same coffee shop and ordered the same crappy coffee because the barista was cute? And don’t get me started on TV! Whether it be houses or TV ratings, sex sells period!

I’d like to express that I am in no way claiming that the accidental porn on the signs above was intentional. I am only expressing a theory which is purely for entertainment purposes. No accusations are being made.

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