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Paris Hilton - Jail Break

Thursday, June 7th, 2007

Well it technically wasn’t a break out in the traditional sense, but it’s still fishy! Paris Hilton’s 45-day stint cut to 23 days has gone down to just 3 days in the slammer. The reason: medical conditions the Sheriff’s Department is unable to discuss due to privacy issues. Paris is being allowed to server the remaining 20 days under house arrest. What kind of punishment is that? I know a lot of people who would consider house arrest at the Hilton mansion would be a vacation…not a punishment!

Paris Hilton Mug Shot

In today’s press conference, the Sheriff’s Department advised that Paris Hilton was released from jail because of a medical condition. When questioned about how long they had observed this medical condition his reply was, ‘dozens of visits over the past three or four days’. Paris was only in the slammer for three or four days! And who in their right mind has heard about dozens of medical visits over the course of just a few days while in jail? Why not send her to the infirmary instead of setting her free? And if she’s that sick, why did she rush home instead of to the hospital?

I guess Paris Hilton isn’t as dumb as she seems. With the support of the Hilton Empire and a legal team, she managed to only serve three days of a what was supposed to be a 45 day sentence. The moral of the story: make a sex tape and become a socialite like Paris.

Nicole Ritchie - Unsexy to the Limit

Thursday, May 31st, 2007

I must say Nicole Richie reminds me of the children from Ethiopia who have reed thin bodies and swollen tummies. Their distended tummies are due to the extreme hunger they face….what is Nicole’s excuse? To top it off, the glamour girl who keeps company with showbiz hot bodies and is a television actress, has an ultimate death wish in fashion.

Whatever Nicole is trying to prove, it definitely isn’t working for her image. There is absolutely nothing a guy would go for in Nicole based on looks….unless it’s mind ‘blowing’ sex…..which also I highly doubt. I mean almost no hair, grayish pallor to skin, zero curves, pre-teen breasts. Girl, you need to get your life and body back on track.

Nicole Ritchie with Lindsay Lohan looking VERY skinny

And for all of you who think I’m being a very mean person, talking negativly about someone’s physical short comings and that maybe she has a ‘good personality’. Wrong! Nicole Ritchie is surprisingly cold hearted considering she looks like a baby dinosaur. Her adopted mama is in hospital due to a hysterectomy but Nicole Ritchie has no time to visit her. What is it about these tarts and their mothers? First Britney and now Nicole……makes me wonder about their psyche complexes. As I read somewhere….Hollywood is filled with retards!!

Poor Misunderstood Lindsay Lohan

Monday, May 28th, 2007

Following in the footsteps of her ‘guru’ Paris Hilton, Lindsay Lohan has been arrested for DUI, (driving under the influence). However Miss Lohan has outdone Miss Hilton and also added possession of cocaine to the list of charges! Lindsay Lohan was driving in Beverly Hills early Saturday Morning, (May 26, 2007), with two others in her Benz when she lost control of the car and struck the curb & a few trees.

Lindsay Lohan DUI and cocaine charges

After the crash, being the responsible citizen she is, Lindsay remained on the scene until authorities arrived. While no one else was hurt, the irony is that Lindsay Lohan suffering minor injuries to her large breasts in the irresponsible incident, (for those who weren’t aware, it has been reported that she has implants).

Lindsay’s arrest brought her acting career and personal life to a new low. This latest incident makes Lindsay Lohan the black sheep of Hollywood actresses, (if she was not already). Reportedly, insiders say no one will be willing to get Lindsay insured to work on a film as she’s too much of a risk. And to totally rain on her parade, Svedka Vodka - who were going to sponsor a big chunk of her birthday celebrations have pulled out their support. It is anybody’s guess whether her bash will happen at all, (her DOB is July 2, 1986).

As you may already know, I normally don’t have any sympathy for the Hollywood types, but seriously get your sh!t together! IT would probably have been easier to drive blindfolded than it is to be drunk and high on cocaine!

Enrique is a ‘little hung’ up

Friday, May 25th, 2007

Enrique Iglesias is regularly featured in the celeb section of gossip rags. Why you ask? Could it be because he has show of honest humility, has confessed that he has a small willy?

Enrique Iglesias exhausted and Anna Kournikova wanting more

Enrique Iglesias who is dating tennis hottie Anna Kournikova told a magazine that there was only one thing he’d change about his body: “I’d change my penis if I could. It’s way, way, way too small.” Why he felt we had to share this information with the rest of the world is anybody’s guess. If I was less than well endowed, I wouldn’t want it to be publick knowledge. But then Anna Kournikova is still keeping him arround so maybe it’s not the size but what you do with it that counts.

Enrique’s father, Julio Iglasias, (who is was also a latin singing superstar), was considered a casanova in his day and is rumored to hav bedded up to 3000 women. Julio became a father for the fifth time at age 65.

The moral of the story: Like father, not like son.

Nicole Ritchie - I’m going to be a good girl too.

Wednesday, May 23rd, 2007

So it is official. Nicole Ritchie, daughter of Lionel Ritchie and on again, off again friend of Paris Hilton, is in rehab to get her act together. Nicole is an amazing 83 pounds and as per a medical doctor “along with illegal substance abuse very, very lucky to be alive.”

Nicole Ritchie's Anorexic Skinny Body in Bikini

She is receiving treatment for an addiction to pills as well as anorexia. Though the glamour puss’ publicist has denied the reports, photographic evidence lends credence to the story. Nicole had been spotted entering the rehab with an overnight bag. When she arrived at the clinic, the 5-foot-2 celebrity weighed a shocking 83 pounds and was in tears that she had once again lost control of her life, says an insider. “Nicole’s been a mess for months.”

Apparently, Nicole was in the clinic for a few days and now is an outpatient. Guess Nicole has taken a leaf out of her friend’s book and is trying to be ‘good’ too. With a court hearing coming up for her DUI arrest last year, maybe Ritchie wants to impress the Judge with her ‘good’ behavior….so that she too can get a reduced sentence like her pal Paris Hilton. Well Nicole all we can say is that - better late than never.

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